Young Philanthropy at Wood Records Co.

By John Osbourne

Young Philanthropy at Wood Records Co.

MattyInk's Social Conscience

Forgoing the acquisitive, rapacious nature of most young influencers' content, it is evident that the millennial generation promotes an inherent, altruistic message. One of our artists, MattyInk, represents an example of that intrinsic benevolence.

People Help the People

On July 11, MattyInk enriched three people's lives with comfortable t-shirts and a pecuniary donation.

Two days later, July 13th, MattyInk participated in the 24/24 challenge in donating 24 sandwiches and 24 water bottles to many people at a local park in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What We Should Do

The culture we would like to inspire and expand is that of humanitarianism. No matter what age, or financial status, it is always the right thing to give back to the members living in your local community.


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