Saucy Releases Debut Studio Single "Ayo"

By John Osbourne

Saucy Releases Debut Studio Single "Ayo"

Saucy Signs with Wood Records Co.

For his debut studio single Ayo, Saucy inked a deal with South Florida record label Wood Records Co. Saucy and his band, Banyan Lane, have collaborated with the independent label in the past on records, such as their single Summer Rays.

Debut Studio Single "Ayo"

Saucy's inaugural record opens with a punchy, western guitar pattern accompanied by a mariachi trumpet riff. The song's lyrics begin quickly after with Saucy's opening line, "I'm like ayo, 500K on my payroll."

The meteoric song catapults the listener into the customs of a young superstar who recently gained fame and notoriety. Ayo illustrates the fast paced, dream lifestyle desired by most aspiring, young artists that few have the pleasure of actually experiencing.


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