Nobqdy Drops Debut Studio Single "Kill My Friends"

By John Osbourne

Nobqdy Drops Debut Studio Single "Kill My Friends"

From breaking societal norms to blending gender barriers, Nobqdy amassed a cult following by resonating with social outcasts longing for an androgynous icon. The Wood Records Co. artist released his debut studio single, “Kill My Friends,” accompanied by a captivating visual.

Leveraging the power of rock music, “Kill My Friends” delivers a message of resentment towards Nobqdy’s “friends” over punchy guitars and aggressive drums. If you listen close enough to the record, you will discover an underlying grudge vocal resembling the skeleton of his shed past. The record’s self-deprecating lyrical content streamlines Nobqdy’s introspective message: “Please don’t f**king love me, just spit on me instead.”


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