Kylie Jenner Has Nothing on Ludacris When It Comes to Photoshop

Did Kylie Jenner close out 2016 with some new plastic surgery, or did she overdo it with the Photoshop again?

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That was the question on every fan's mind when the 19-year-old posted a new Instagram photo on Tuesday, Dec. 27, but this week the music community is focused on a more shameless suspect, Ludacris.

In Ludacris’ new music video for “Vitamin D,” a song with a clear message that people just need to be out in the sun more, the rapper shows up with Nintendo 64 quality abs undeniably made with CGI. Luda’s resurgence was met with immediate backlash and the internet’s response was more brutal than an ab-workout regimen.

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But, the rapper seems to be laughing off the confusion and has responded to many of his critics on Twitter. “I did a lot of sit ups for that,” he joked when a user tweeted “Yo but why Ludacris six pack look like it was done at Sephora.”

He also joked about buying a fake chest plate from Amazon for $10.

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To the viewers whom were caught off guard by the fitness pretense, Luda says, “Get back! You don’t know me like that!” True fans of Ludacris saw past the ab façade and reflected upon a younger, stronger Ludacris.

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Ludacris is slated to be working on a new album, which will follow in the footsteps of his 2015 Ludaversal project. With his Furious movie premiere hitting this week, we can expect a decent rollout from the rapper as he prepares to release the upcoming LP.

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